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MinPro is a Research & Development and Consulting company established for the purpose of producing research and development solutions in mineral preparation and processing, extractive metallurgy and environment-related areas.

The company office is situated within Izmir Technological Development Zone (IZTEKGEB) which is located in the Urla-Gulbahce Campus of Izmir Institute of Technology. The Institute has already established itself as one of the best research environments in Turkey with its outstanding faculty and R&D infrastructure. In addition to high-caliber departmental laboratories, the Institute enjoys a state-of-the-art library facilities as well as well-established research centers such as Material Research Center, Environmental Research Center, Biotechnology and BioEngineering Application and Research Center.

The Institute staff can be employed in the research activities of the Zone on a part-time basis. Therefore, MinPro enjoys the priviliges of being in close-contact with an international R&D platform and have access to both research people and research facilities and resources outlined above.

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Gülbahçe Mah. IZTEKGEB A6 Binası No:3 İYTE Kampüsü - Urla/İZMİR
Tel: +90 232 765 9025 Mobile: +90 506 253 7889