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MinPro is a Research & Development and Consulting company established for the purpose of producing research and development solutions in material characterization, mineral preparation and processing, extractive metallurgy and environment-related areas. The company is founded within Izmir Technological Development Zone, which is located on Izmir Institude of Technology (IYTE) Campus. Located within the Zone on the IYTE campus, MinPro is in close contact with an international caliber R&D platform and has access to high level research personnel and facilities. ...

MinPro provides R&D and Consulting Services in mineral preparation and processing, extractive metallurgy and environment related areas. We offe ...

MinPro provides technologically and economically sound, sustainable solutions to its clients through its academical and indus ...

  Research and Development
Ore Homogenization and Sampling
Size and Component Distribution Analysis
Electrophoretic Properties of Slurries/Colloidal Solutions
Flotation Tests
Leach Applications
Acidic Mine or Rock Drainage Evaluation & Waste Management
Statistical Analysis of Data
Consulting Services
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